72cc Scooter GY6 Big Bore Kit w/ AC CDI

72cc Scooter GY6 Big Bore Kit w/ AC CDI
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  • 72cc GY6 QMB139 Four Stroke Big Bore Kit 72cc 47mm
  • Increase Power by up to 30% and torque by up to 50%
  • Each kit includes: Milled Emissions style head with 18mm intake 16mm exhaust valves and high performance springs 
  • Cylinder, piston, piston rings, piston pin, and clips
  • Top end gaskets
  • Performance Camshaft with 4.75mm intake stroke 4.55 exhaust and 123 degree lift angle
  • Re Jetted Carb with an 90 Main
  • 31,000 Volt HEI Coil
  • 50mm OD barrel sleeve
  • Performance AC CDI With 4 degrees of advance and no rev limiter 
  • (please confirm you need a AC CDI before you place your order)
  • K&N Style Filter
  • Please Note: All photos are stock images and although no functionality will change, the part you receive might vary in color or aesthetic appearance.
  • Because of the numerous problems with Go Karts regarding bad or cobbled wiring there is no guarantee with this CDI if you buy it for a Go Kart.